Magenta 4 Bat Detector - can it be connected to a dictaphone?

Hi all,

I have bought myself a Magenta 4 bat detector as I know we have loads of bats living in our roof and I'm interested to find out what type they are. I think there might be at least two different species, judging by the way they fly. 

Anyway, as a beginner, I'm struggling to match up the sounds from the detector with the correct species and would like to be able to record the sounds so I can listen back to them.  The detector does have a 'constant level recorder output' socket as well as a headphone jack so does this mean that I can connect a digital voice recorder, like the one in this link, to it to record the sounds?  I'm not very techy so any help appreciated.

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  • Did you think to ask the question on Curry's live chat facility?


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  • In reply to WendyBartter:

    No, but I spoke to a friend's partner who works there and he said that as they don't sell the detector and he had no knowledge of it, he didn't know but that it probably would work based on what I had told him and he would look into it properly for me.

    I just thought that, in the meantime, I'd see whether anybody on here had had success with doing this as the Magenta 4 is a very basic detector and I don't want to waste my time and money on a dictaphone if it's not going to work all that well.
  • Did you go to this site?

    If you do manage to make it work then please do let us know as everything to do with Bat detecting & recording seems incredibly expensive!


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    Hi Wendy. My dictaphone connected to the cheap(er) bat detector did work and I have been able to record some interesting sounds (although I'm not yet good enough to actually work out what species they belong to). I must point out though that with the Magenta model of detector, it is not possible to use this recording for analysis via any software, it merely just records it how it is heard through the detector and not at the real frequency (if that makes sense, as mentioned, I'm not very techy).


  • I've taken part in a few bat surveys and as Wendy says the kit is very expensive. As you have bats in your roof how about contacting Bat Conservation and seeing if they can help. I contacted our local group a few years back after I had spotted a 'huge' bat zipping around the house that lead to the discovery of a species that we didn't know where present on the Island (Jersey). I finally succumbed and treated myself to an Echo meter which I really enjoy running

    Cin J

  • Pleased to hear you had success with dictaphone, certainly sounds easier than using camera to record as I did in the past!

    Have included this link as I don't know if you've visited this site › Briti...PDF
    Web results
    Frequencies of British Bats - NHBS

    Copy of the list shown


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  • Thanks both, that's really helpful.

  • In reply to Germain:

    Wow, the ones here are tiny. Had a baby one in the house once. Pipistrelle I believe but unsure what type.
  • I have only recorded Pipistrelles & possibly Soprano's too, they roost in an ivy covered conifer on clifftop opposite my house!
    Still plenty of activity as this vid will show, picked up on security type cam whilst I was looking for baby hoggies ... is right at the start & very fast even though I slowed it down


     2013 photos & vids here

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