Will a bird roosting in our roof eaves find a new location okay if we close the gap now before nesting season begins?

A bird has been roosting in a gap in our roof eaves for the last few days. We would like to close the gap and I’m conscious that it is important to do this before nesting season begins. I feel bad closing the gap if it is going to be hard for it to find somewhere else or if it will keep trying to get into its new spot. I have several roosting pockets in the garden but it seems they prefer the hole in the roof! I would be very grateful for your advice please. 

  • I have no experience with roosting pockets, partly because I suspect they have limitations at best. Assuming the bird is gaining access under the eaves, it's likely to be a house sparrow or starling. I can't imagine either would use a roosting pocket but am happy to be corrected if anyone has experienced them doing so. As you say, better to do the roof work now than in a few months. If access goes, birds inevitably find other options.
  • Thank you for your reply. Yes I don’t think the roosting pockets are very successful. There’s a chance a wren is using one but I’m not 100% sure. I have a Simon King robin specific roost pocket too but I don’t think that’s being used either.
    That’s reassuring to know that you think it will find other options. I feel really bad that I’d be turfing it out it’s new house now it’s getting cold but it wakes us up early in the morning and my partner is not as keen as I am about letting our new guest stay! Thanks again for your help.