What has been going on in your garden lately?

One time there was a woodpigeon who would clap his wings at any other woodpigeon and chase them away. One of the pigeons he was chasing flew behind a blackbird perched on a fench and gave him the fright of his life. He must of thought it was a sparrowhawk.

What antics have you seen lately? Have any interesting birds visited?? What sorts of birds are visitings?

  • We have a blackbird nesting in the garden.The other day she went out for food came back to go into the nest and landed on the grass and was quite aggressive towards a pigeon who was also on the grass.She saw it off.
  • There's been allsorts at Peak Rambler's Towers and Gardens!

    You'll have seen the menacing magpie thread, added to that, squirrels headbanging each other, a wood pigeon standing up to the magpies by opening its wings out and doesn't move as the magpie closes in, and probably the best one, sadly no piccies yet, but working on it, the daily squirrel visit, where the squirrel times the visit now to when the magpies are on the fence, charges down the fence, Mr Magpie turns to face the squirrel, who then ploughs into Mr Magpie who has to flee, or fall!


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