Feedback on my Bird Feeder

Hello all,

I have designed a unique bird feeder for my GCSE project having recyclable bottles.

I will be really grateful if you can provide your feedback.  Please let me know what you think of it. 


Thank You

  • Hi Rupali, I commend your idea of using recyclable bottles for your new bird feeder and innovative design and wish you well with your GCSC project. I will try to give you feedback from my perspective …..

    1) I can't see how the drainage system will prevent seeds going mouldy inside the plastic bottles as with any plastic tubes (bottles in your case) damp does build up inside which causes seeds and other foods to get stuck to the inside preventing them from dropping through freely, thus mould can build up unless bottles are regularly emptied out, cleaned and dried.
    2) you would need a specially adapted bottle for one of the most popular bird foods which is sunflower hearts or else the seeds will pour out on to the table without a controlled feed release.
    3) Anyone with grey squirrels in their garden would have a problem as they will chew through soft plastics (even hard plastic) easily and this creates plastic shavings which are left behind and which can be very harmful to birds if ingested.
    4) In your demo it appears that you are using peanuts which look like for human consumption; maybe this is purely to demonstrate your idea but only peanuts suitable for wildlife should be used ( in case the human foods contain salt which is harmful to wildlife). whole or even half peanuts should not be put out during breeding season between March and September.
    5) Ensure any wood preservative or varnish is wildlife friendly where birds will be pecking.

    This feedback is not intended in any way to be criticism so please regard these comments as purely constructive from my own personal point of view and experience when feeding birds. Good luck. Hopefully other forum users can contribute their feedback.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Hello Rupali, congratulations on your idea to help our feathered friends.

    I agree with Hazel on all the points that she has raised and as she has pointed out it is helpful advice and not criticism.

    Good luck with any updates that you make to your model.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Good on you for your efforts Rupali, but the constructive comments from Hazel look valid to me. From a personal point of view i have the bird feeders that have a cage and the dish, the cage covers the feeder that stops the squirrels eating the bird food and the dish helps most of the bird food from falling to the ground. It basically helps stop vermin which i know from others with bird feeders that this can be a big problem. But keep up with your efforts of designing bird feeders as i am sure the existing ones could still be improved upon.