Rooks galore

Living next to a small holding who raises beef cattle has never been a problem for us until the rooks arrived about fifteen years ago . They are now in their thousands as the farmer feeds his cattle uncovered. He had to cover his feed bays as we had hundreds of seagulls descend. 

The Rooks are running in the roof, attacking the putty, dropping food stuffs over the property and are extremely vocal.

We have buzzards that nest in the woods and the Rooks are very aggressive towards them , we also used to have cuckoo in the woods but it’s now it’s sadly full of Rooks. I’m not blaming the Rooks for the demise of the Cuckoo but I did wonder if it had something to do with it.

We tried CDs and windmills (they dig up the lawn for grubs, we have an orchard which is stripped of apples every year).

Honestly I did used to like the Rooks  but now they are becoming a nuisance.   

Is there anything I can do about them as the farmer isn’t interested, although it must be costing him a fortune feeding this lot....

I’m also aware of the new laws where they are now protected.