Reducing the use of cruel bird deterrents on buildings in UK - Petition - Background advice request.

I recently started a petition to reduce the use of bird deterrents buildings in the UK. Its currently at 31,000 signatures. Is there someone in the RSPB I can email with who is able to offer advice or at least some professional perspective and background on the issue from the RSPB's perspective? I have looked on the RSPB website already and need clarity about who across the various organisations is responsible for which particular aspect.

My understanding is that the issue crosses various organisations, authorities and departments and therefore gets missed despite many bird deterrents causing injury or death to birds that may even be endangered. In view of the current biodiversity and climate crisis any advice as to who is responsible for this area at the RSPB would really help me move forward in a fully informed way before I approach George Eustice MP. Please feel free to email me and sign and share the petition:-). The link to the petition is below.

Below is also an example regular update I send out occasionally to signees.

The bird deterrent spikes come in various designs and some are clearly worse than others. I notice many describe these spikes as humane yet over the years I have evidence of dead birds on them.

I feel we underestimate the value of our roof perching or more urban birds and I have been struck by the fact that several seabirds and birds of prey are endangered or on the amber list and sadly are likely to be injured or killed by bird deterrent measures. I realise that there is licensing of pest control operators yet it seems to me that they have little interest in reducing the suffering caused to our urban and rural birds. I also note that the issue overlaps between local and national authorities, various charities, Environment, Planning, licensing and policing of wildlife crime and want clarity hopefully from your organisation on who is responsible for what to open the debate fully and transparently. 

I  hope you can help? I live in Swansea and suffer from a brain injury and get overwhelmed by too much stimuli. Please bear with me if I am a little slower at times in communicating/understanding though generally I am pretty sharp minded:-).

Thank you for your time. Feel free to email.

Kindest regards 

Patrick Driscall

  • Hi Patrick

    This is a community forum, and as such isn't necessarily a direct link to the RSPB hierarchy. I did a quick scroll along the title bar on the main website and found a "campaigning" bit... link HERE  On the last page is a list of contacts which may be of use to you.

    Good luck with your very worthwhile petition.