Removing a Starlings Nest

Hi. For the last 10 years or more I've had 2 sparrows nests in the eves of my house, front and back. They were in my garden all throughout the day, feeding and doing whatever sparrows do and on a few occasions they have even ventured in through my back door when it was left open through the summer. I live in a modern housing estate where almost everyone seems to have cats so I guess they felt safe in my back garden as cat access was difficult and I have a dog that keeps them at bay. This year though starlings have evicted them. I don't mind starlings (despite the racket they make in the eves) except for the fact that they bully all the other birds and stop them from feeding and it only takes a few starlings to keep away a dozen sparrows and the various other garden birds that stop by. The sparrows still inhabit the hedges that line the road at the rear of my house but so do a lot of the cats. As sparrows are in decline I'd like to encourage them back into their old nests in the eves if possible. How can I do this? I've put up feeders for the sparrows containing sunflower hearts and I'm considering clearing out the old nests. Is this a good idea?
  • With Starlings being in decline and having 1.8 million pairs compared to House Sparrows 5.1 million pairs (Figures from British Trust for Ornithology Bird Facts) Why not let the Starlings have a chance?