Where can I see common frogs in Cambridge?

  • Everyone reading this, I have also been reported as abusive and spam for defending Cambridge professors. Seriously, judge for yourself- who knows more, me, someone applying to Cambridge this year and who talked to professors, went to masterclasses and listened to lectures on aplications?
    Or a Gloucester dad who just saw his daughter get in there? And is not a member of the University, nor of the accepting committee?

    Also, I don't see any mention of GCSE grades there, or A-level grades, there, Robbo. 

  • @ Gleb B,    I have been very reluctant to engage in this post as I consider what you have written to be pretty much ill-considered, somewhat juvenile in "tit for tat in dialogue with Robbo"   but above all contradicting your own words;      I refer to your answer to THIS POST   quote:  " Disturbing birds like that and destroying their natural habitat is in my eyes a wildlife crime"         You clearly do not approve of birds being disturbed and also damage to their habitat which I'm sure most of us would all agree with whole-heartedly;     what I don't understand is how you think you can collect frogs (for whatever reason) take them out of their natural habitat to carry out your experiments for a few days and then return them without any understanding or consideration of the impact your collection and return could have on the frogs;     you say you don't care if you stress frogs out ........ after all grades must come first in your view and putting anyone with the title of Professor on a worshipping pedestal     - does the frogs welfare mean that they are so much less important to you than birds are (or Professors come to that matter ! )  when it comes to the natural world around us and the whole eco system and totally disregarding all ethics when it comes down to doing generally what is humanly considered to be the right thing for the welfare and respect of all creatures and their habitat ?     Getting grades and into Uni are your top priority .... and to heck with anything else.       I have said my piece, won't be commenting further as I'm sure you're quite keen to keep this post rolling but suggest you find somewhere else to ask where to find species of interest to you as we are a group here who put conservation, consideration and respect at the very top of our CV's.   it's what makes us caring human beings with thought for others and creatures around us rather than serving our own self interest.   


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • The next time I post here, will do so with the results of the experiment, which in your eyes is frog torture and abuse, and in my eyes a simple investigation. Frogs can live very well after this, I have seen that with my own eyes. I kept a frog as a pet for a week and then released it. A month later saw it jumping around in my garden. It seems to have even increased in size.
    So yes, I care more about grades and less about some lesser creatures thinking I'll kill them and stressing out.
    Yes, I will do just that. All of that. will remove frogs from their habitat, do the experiment, then put them back.
  • I won't do this to them, but what do you think of dissections?
    Oh and also for the record, I do put frog welfare far below bird welfare.