Mountain Hares in the Eastern Cairngorms?

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I‘m going to be in the eastern Cairngorms next weekend and would like to try and get some photos of mountain hares. Reasonably flexible in where I go in that area and happy to hike a few km, so could anyone advise good places to look? I’ve heard the Glenshee ski area might not be a bad shout, but suspect there are better, quieter, places around there...

Cheers, Geoff

  • Just bumping your post back up to the top Geoff in the hope someone who's visited the Cairngorms sees your question and gives you some ideas of best places for mountain hares.     The only help I can offer is THIS LINK and area called Monadhliath but having never been there wait for others to advise you better.    Good luck.


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    Thanks - the Monadhliath is also a very good place for wildlife, but it’s right on the other side of the Cairngorms so unfortunately out of range for this coming trip...

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    I asked on a FB group and someone came back with this info - Ihave no idea of whether this is of any use to you as I dont know the area. "I went to glenshee for the mountain hares. Got the ski lift to the top and there was loads. Must have seen about 40 the whole time I was there"




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    Excellent - thanks for the information! There being a lot of them in the Glenshee ski area itself is what I’d heard from a few different sources now, so I’ll start my search there. It also might make photography easier as those hares should be a bit more comfortable with people plodding about near them!

    I’ll post back here with photos / video if I’m lucky enough to get a anything decent.

  • Thanks for the info on the mountain hares. In the end I went the the Glenshee ski area and spent an excellent day up on the northern flank of the Cairnwell where there was remarkably little snow but plenty of hares! I’ve made a short YouTube video from the trip:

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    Good Luck Geoff.

    POST EDIT missed your last post so will go and have a look at the vid :)

    POST EDIT and you can add you footage here instead of a link Geoff