House Martins

  • Thanks Robbo, the sparrows have used one of the housemartin nests for last 2 years; but early. The chicks had more or less fledged just before house martins returned. That is why I am so pleased the sparrows are using the sparrow box I put up probably 10 years ago. Great tits use it every year and this year are still using it with the sparrows (going in a different entrance obviously).
    I will keep an eye on the situation though as I would hate to loose the housemartins. I only ever get one pair of sparrows nesting...possibly because I have 2 rescue cats? They dont bother the HM but obviously the sparrows are wary. Anyway, thanks for the warning I will definitely watch the situation.
  • Wendy Thank you, we did wonder if it was a chaffinch but could never spot the bird in the trees! I am sure you are correct and it was a chaffinch not a sparrow, mystery solved! We do have loads of chaffinch feeding in our garden.
  • This one obligingly sat on fence post in garden whilst it drove us slowly insane! Lol