8 global migratory flyaways for birds

There’s lots of interactive and educational interesting information about migratory birds 

and the 8 flyaways in this link. If you don’t want to read Theres an option to look and listen instead


  • "The Moth Snowstorm" (ISBN-13:978-1444792775) has part of a chapter that relates to the East Asia/Australasia flyway. Although I'd recommend reading the whole of the book. Then look at the subsequent surveys of affected bird populations.

    An older book, but quite possibly with relevance (even if from an historic viewpoint). Worth a read.

    "Bird Migration" (ISBN-13: ‎978-0600363613). Sometimes found in a local wildlife charity's stock of pre-loved books).

    (Over a decade back I used to have some minor contact with Chris Mead. Before the days of the BTO generally accepting that persecution had a direct negative effect on brids of prey populations. More science has subsequently shifted that stance.)

    Which is why I always get extremely twitchy about developments of estuarine and expansive coastal developments.
  • I havnt heard of those Books but I think I might of heard of bird migration But I havnt seen it and havnt got it or read it though. Developments of estuarine and coastal developments isn’t a good thing if it affects Nature like birds of prey for example. , it exspeacialy if it’s a important flyaway for migratory birds like the Asia/Australasia flyway for example,