• As said, interesting. I feel there are a large combination of causes, the few I can list are;

    • Habitat here
    • Habitat at the (that is during our) winter period migratory sites
    • Habitats along the migratory routes
    • Availability of insects in all the above habitat concerns
    • Availability of nesting sites in all the above habitat concerns
    • Climate (note I do not state climate change)

    That is just a very short list of what I have observed over my very short lifetime, food, in this case insects, will be a very major cause plus suitable resting places, which have also reduced globally.

  •  something did feell abit off when reading cause it didn’t say anything about other things that we know are responsible for insect declines so  I did wonder why It didn’t mention other things. Interestingly aswell the article was published in 2023 in the link why would they publish something that doesn’t take other factors into consideration when talking about insect declines