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    This is nothing new. The UK has always been one of the most depleted woodland countries at leat in Europe and possibly woridwide. Big population, compared to other countries is a large % wise. This report in 2019 mentions this. There are other reports further back. Again, hope this link works. In the link above it gives other reports going back even further. It’s nothing you. There have similar reports you can read from those reports as well going back years, in the link. above. If countries have a big population they have to live somewhere. So I try to see  the points of views from both sides! Also the way prices are going up at this present time, I have to say this, I’m now buying less bird seed and wild bird food. The cost of living is going up. I know at least of one wildlife consevation thatnare considering putting up there annual membership subscription level in 2023. It’s not the RSPB. I won’t emotion which organisation in case that don’t happpen. Eben though I’m a life member of 3 national UK wildlife conservation organ action. There are others who are annual members and it will be difficult in 2023 for all wildlife organisation. Do they put there annual membership subscriptions up. By how much as some members may not be financially well off. And if don’t renew. Some wildlife organisations might lose some members. But if wildlife organisations don’t put up membership subscriptions, those organisation will suffer and because of the cost of living, along the running costs. It will be difficult for lots of charities. So I must admit I don’t know what the answer to this problem and situation is?

    before I finish. It’s  interesting reading reports about buying more reserves. But in recent I’ve less nature reserves being bought or leased by all wildlife organisations in recent years. The Reston probably is inflation. I can remember when the RSPB bought the first area area of Abernethy way way back in the early 1970’s at a cost of approx 1 and half million pounds after having leased that area for years. Now the second largest RSPB reserve in the UK. The reserve actually now extends into part of the Cairngorms and includes the UK’s second highest mountain Ben Macdui. Above from part of the detail of visiting RSPB Abernethy(Loch Garten) reserve shows how large that reserve actually  is and coves not just the Loch zGarten Caladonian Forest. Wonder how much that would cost to buy now. That is probably why less wildlife reserves are now being bought freehold nationwide!.