Could this be a swallow tailed kite?

  • Considering one of the people involved is a regular photographer and the other a graphic designer, I must say that both those images are of really poor quality and have been highly altered in post production.

    When submitting any image of a bird for identification a person must always submit an unedited unaltered one as 'affecting' the image in any way will give - simply - a wrong impression.
  • So, my question now is why did he send you pictures of two completely different birds? Which one did he actually see and photograph in the park?
  • Helen, there are undoubtedly issues concerning what your correspondent saw, what they photographed and what they submitted to you for publication. However, as an editor, journalist and photographer myself, I believe you have the potential for a more significant problem here. I have looked at the pdf of your newsletter and, as you have indicated earlier, neither of the two images you have posted here appear with the article. Two much better images of the same species appear in their stead and you have suggested that these, along with all the other bird images used are stock images. Unfortunately, your correspondent is still credited as being the originator of all photographs used. This is a misappropriation of image rights and I suggest it will need to be addressed with some urgency; otherwise, the stock agency will be seriously miffed, even if they have allowed you to use the images gratis. Hoping you find a satisfactory solution.
  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this. What do you suggest I can actually do about it? I haven't been threatened with court action by anyone and we do have insurance through Zurich if anyone does sue. The Evington Echo is managed by our charity, Friends of Evington. Do you think an apology in the next magazine edition would suffice? I can take down the on-line version and put Osy's original photos in place?

    Best wishes,
  • Hi Helen, would you please tell us which of those photos Osy actually took himself?
  • In reply to Mr. B:

    Or claimed to take


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • In reply to Helen Pettman:

    Hi Helen,

    I'd do exactly as you say; arrange for an apology in the next issue. I'd also get in touch with the owners of the images, explain to them that the captioning had been missed when the pictures were changed and offer to either take down the images or recaption them online. If you can be seen as acting in good faith they'll probably be sympathetic.
  • In reply to Seaman:

    Interestingly, and perhaps significantly, this story appeared in the Leicester Mercury, 27/08/21, in the form of a letter from the aforementioned Mr Osy Waye, but without any accompanying photos, good or bad.
  • In reply to Mr. B:

    Hi Mr. B,

    Osy claimed to take the photos I have posted here. I was having difficulty posting Osy's pictures originally on this site and did alter the name and resolution when I first posted. Subsequently I have posted the ones he actually sent to me without renaming or altering the resolution. Sorry, I have a mess up. My IT skills are completely self-taught and although I have taught myself to use photoshop and quark express, I find my knowledge is lacking in other things that are taken for granted. Being over 70, I wasn't brought up with social media!
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  • Hi Helen , I know the difficulty of posting pics, many people struggle with that so don’t worry. What we are trying to get at is exactly which bird Osy saw and photographed. If he claims he saw and photographed both of these birds then one, the Red Kite, is a reasonably common numerous bird. But the other is definitely a Swallow Tailed Kite, and a major rarity for the UK.

    Perhaps you might clarify with him which picture he really took, ie. is it possible he took the Red Kite pic then misidentified it as STK, and included a pic of a STK he’s sourced elsewhere in his post to you to try to help for the magazine, and you have naturally assumed he took both pics?