What's up with this Feral Pigeon's foot?

I spotted this in Carlisle City Centre and the closest thing I could find by briefly researching it was 'pigeon bumblefoot' but I just wanted to get an expert opinion because I'm not convinced that's what it is from my research.

Thanks for any help.

  • The image is viewable by the way if you click on the image icon. Don't really know why it doesn't show up in the main post.
  • Hi Benny, poor bird's foot looks a mess ... sorry I can't help but have alerted another poster with knowledge of ferals!


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  • Without seeing the pidge first hand I'd say this is 'stringfoot', which is essentially 'bumblefoot' in that it's the result of an infection caused by standing in their own poop when there is a foot injury. Many ferals can adapt and survive with this type of issue. If there is a pigeon friendly rescue near you and you can catch the bird, they might be able to remove the damaged parts or even amputate. Try www.helpwildlife.co.uk to see if there is a local rescue. I would advise against taking it to a vet.

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