Sick greenfinch or mutation?


For the last couple of days I have been waghing the greenfinches coming to my garden. One definitely looked sick and after he came, I washed everything. 

The first one i saw sick was actually quite lethargic and looked big. The other one are not lethargic at all but looked different. I have attached few pics, sorry if they are not great, I was quite far.

What do you think?

Thank you.

  • It's very possible it has Trichomonosis.
    Some more info here

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • I agree with Linda, they don't look good and it has been the sort of weather that allows Trich. to proliferate

    Cin J

  • Ok thank you, that was what I was worried about :(. I shall remove the few feeders I have, I hope they didn't infect too many other birds. Really sad.
  • Actually big mistake, I managed to catch one today and brought it to the vet as advised by a rescue center. It turned out tha tthey are fledging !!!
  • There aren’t fledgling greenfinches around in mid September.
  • They are. The bird is eating fine and alert. The blackbirds also had a late brood this year and have fledging blackbirds too. And I asked 2 different vets. So you say they are wrong ? So far no dead either.
  • Young blackbirds are often around in Sept. ‘Fledgling’ as opposed to ‘immature’…….possibly. Greenfinches (and most other bird species) don’t have similar breeding patterns to blackbirds. Good news the bird is still alive. Not often vets take in wild birds as they are businesses. I thought I read a rescue centre was involved?
  • Yes, I called the rescue center and told me to bring it to the vets and they took it in, kept it for few hours and get the rescue center to come and see. All what I know is that I use to see max 3-4 greenfinches before and suddently all these greenfinches came that looked I thought sick as per pictures but in reality they are from a late brood and they confirm it can happen. They are not like blue tits who only have 1 brood usually and we has a mild August and September still. So they were not surprised. I also live in the country side so plenty of food.
  • Yes, I know greenfinches can have more than one brood. I have never heard of them breeding into August, let alone mid September and I also live rurally.

    That pair of photos in this thread is clearly not of a fledgling or juvenile. A good thing about identifying greenfinches is they can be identified both by sex and by age, in terms of adults v juvenile. This thread is clearly not a juvenile.

    If you would like to post photos of your bird, I can confirm I.d. for you. Or, someone else can do so. 

  • Ok if the bird is still ok tomorrow, I will show a picture but he is like the one above. I still don't get why they would tell me that he was a young if not? I have an other pic from earlier I can post.