Could someone help identify this bird please?

It was trying to escape from a polytunnel in a local garden centre (it did finally manage to find its way out). 

Looking at pictures online, I thought it looks a bit like a juvenile citrine wagtail, but I'm not a bird expert at all, so I hoped someone here might have more of an idea. 

  • I'd go Grey Wagtail and not necessarily a juv.

    Cin J

  • 1st summer pied wagtails have a hint of yellow about the face I believe
  • Thanks for your replies.
    I did look at pictures of the grey wagtail, but all the photos I've seen show pink legs and this bird's legs were black/very dark.
    Possibly it could be a young pied wagtail then? The paler parts of the face in the photo do look slightly yellow, but in real life it was actually more of a buff colour though.
  • It's definitely a juvenile Pied Wagtail, facial colouring does vary from a buff to more yellow-ish.
  • I think Pied Wagtails develop a cream/yellow facial mask late Summer this bird seems to have too short a tail for a Grey so I would say Pied Wag


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  • Not only the tail, this bird has nothing to suggest Grey Wagtail. The buff/ yellow ish cast to the face is classic juvenile ssp. yarellii.