More from Kintyre

Hope it's okay to post again. All seen on A'Cleit beach on Kintyre.

The first I thought was a Dunnock but the bill doesn't look right for a Dunnock? The second I'm not sure about at all. Possibly a female House Sparrow although I'd love it to be a Spotted Flycatcher  The third possibly a female Wheatear (as it looks like the picture in my book but mainly as it was on a rock by a male Wheatear!)

You'll be glad to know this will be my last post from Kintyre. However, off to Arran next, still without my knowledgeable chum, so you may be subject to "what are these birds on Arran"

  • Linnet, juvenile wheatear, juvenile wheatear.
  • Didn't think of Linnet!
    Are you sure one of them isn't a spotted flycatcher?
  • In reply to Sallyb:

    Robbo's right - he usually is

    Regarding Spotted flycatcher - as well as other features, the flycatcher has a longer tail and a stockier-looking head compared to its body.
  • In reply to Sallyb:

    When learning to i.d. species, as well as appearance it is a good idea to learn about habitats and bird behaviour, esp of more common species like wheatear. e.g. spotted flycatchers don't spend time on the ground or rocks. Wheatears spend most of it there. Spotted flycatchers spend most of their time in deciduous trees. Wheatears I've never seen in woods or amongst tree branches. Species can be ruled out before looking at their appearance.