Today's walk without my knowledgeable chum

On holiday on Kintyre without my friend who I usually rely on to identify things for me as I'm still learning.

Can I ask you good people, am I right with Gadwall, Common Sandpiper and (maybe ) a Rock Pippit? All seen on the shoreline on Kintyre. 

Thanking you in advance.

  • That first one actually looks like a female eider to me, it's the head shape. You're in the right place in the country for them I think.
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    Ah! There were four females together with four chicks - no male in sight. The beak does look more "Eider" but they were a bit smaller than I expected. They were diving to eat - including the chicks if this helps identify them.
  • Hi-

    female Eider


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    The behaviour would fit as they do form creches apparently:

    And the female one in the main picture does look like your photo in my opinion
  • I forgot about the other ones :) You're right it's a common sandpiper and I would ID that as a rock pipit. It's got the red-ish legs, smudgy streaks, overall greyish colour, black bill and white eyering with the sort of weak white eyebrow. All points to rock pipit.
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    Brilliant - thank you. We were walking along the beach and the sandpipers had nested in the rocks on the beach (which I didn't;t know they did). They were most upset with us until we quickly moved on when we saw a chick and realised!
    Never sure about pippits! Do you think this was a fledgling as it looks a bit tatty. It had got a bug in its beak but I'm not sure it knew what to do. It was on the fence chirruping for ages.
  • Na I think if it's got a bug and it's not eating it then it's an adult waiting to feed it to someone. In my experience at this time of year the parents often are moulting, it makes them seem even more tired from raising their kids! But it's just because they need the new feathers for winter
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    Brilliant. Thank you