Very tame jackdaw-ish bird seen in churchyard in Worcestershire

Can someone help identify this bird?

Seen in a churchyard in the middle of the evening this week near Droitwich Spa, Worcs.

It was very tame and curious, checking me out even up to 2 feet away, before hopping back but not flying away.

I thought it might be a jackdaw but its beak is the wrong colour. Had a look on various ID lists and can't find anything close to it except a jackdaw.

Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Looks like a juvenile jackdaw to me so in my opinion you're spot on
  • In reply to pszmrh:

    Thanks. The juveniles have the lighter beaks? Now that you remind me, he/she was a bit smaller than the ones I've seen before en-masse (there is a load of them in Steyning, Sussex where I once worked).
  • As well as bill, they tend to be very naive like many other young birds. Often have them walking about in the garden here. No idea about risk. Parents are the opposite. Can't go near a window indoors with them, but juveniles, as you said, you can be outside and stood infront of them.
  • In reply to Robbo:

    That explains his behaviour!

    Anyway, subsequent to all this, I visited the churchyard again and clearly heard plenty of "kyah!" calls that are unique to this species, and actually saw a mature specimen in the trees with its distinctive grey back-of-head plumage.