Hello, I think I saw my first swift of this year. Is this a swift? 
Thanks, Ellis 

  • The quality is better if you open the photos
  • Yes and you beat me. Still none here.
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    I was walking back from the supermarket and saw them flying overhead, it took me a second to realise what they were. I’m located in Leicestershire, so they’ve at least made it a third up the UK. I guess it won’t be too long, what time did you first spot them last year?
    Thanks, Ellis
  • Normally first week of May each year here. Wind direction (and rain) might have put them off. Hopefully they will start moving through this coming week. Numbers have been declining each year.

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    That’s a shame, is there a reason why? They’ve spent the past 30 minutes circling my village, obviously looking somewhere to nest. Not very nice weather to be stood looking at them though, it’s the UK I guess
    Thanks, Ellis
  • Ellis if they have just arrived and are circling the area they may be feeding high up there, someone once described it like feeding on airborne plankton. We got our first Swifts over our local reservoir during the last week


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • I’m in the very north of England and saw my first swifts of the year on Wednesday.
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    Human behaviour will be the biggest factor. Loss of nest sites (either while active or by the time they return), is possibly the biggest factor. An argument could be made that more are being lost to predation too. E.g. more hobby in UK. Biggest factors are human related though.
  • That’s something new I’ve now learnt, very interesting to find out. Definitely seems logical though. Are swifts normally seen daily once they arrive or just every now and then? Thanks, Ellis
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    Humans as always, birds respect us as a species so why don’t we respect them. Its a shame how oblivious some people are nowadays. Thanks, Ellis.