Is this a swallow?

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    Never feel the need to apologise, Ellis. Even if you get answers that are a little short.

    Great to have a young, new birder in the community. Good luck and enjoy!
  • The long fork tails are known as streamers and tend towards being a bit longer in the males. They will hawk for food anywhere and it's possible that a housing estate creates a slightly warmer microclimate this time of year so its an opportunity to grab a snack while moving up country or checking out nesting areas if they are 'local' birds

    Cin J

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    Thanks very much, it’s been nice to speak to other birders, since no-one can meet in person.
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    I can see why they’re called streamers now, logical really. I am good at identifying birds, but sometimes I second guess myself. This is quite interesting information really, I think they might be local but I am unsure. Thanks, Ellis