Squeaky city bird?!

Hello! I'm Ryan and I live in central Edinburgh, Scotland. I have noticed a new bird call in the graveyard across the road from our flat, and am very curious to see if anyone knows what species this is?! It has just started a couple weeks ago and makes repetitive squeak type calls in the same note. I've tried to attach a recording - hope it works! You can hear it periodically between traffic passing. Thanks in advance for any help!


Edit: I have just had the delight of two of them flying by my window! They are brown in colour with light brown/grey on their chest. They're larger than woodpigeons and I suspect they are birds of prey.

  • At first listen, I thought it sounded like a small raptor, so I played the recording into BirdNET (not always extremely accurate admittedly) and that seemed to think it was a Sparrowhawk. I'm by no means an authority when it comes to calls, especially now after chicks have all fledged and are adding their calls to the usual repertoire, so take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but I'd say Sparrowhawk.
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    Sparrowhawk is an excellent guess! I have read their RSPB page and think they may be courting as they are flying about together.

    I am hoping for a closer look at them however they are mostly keeping away from the roads.
  • Your updated post certainly sounds like juvenile Sparrowhawk to me, which is what I presumed the shrill whining sound was. I'm not sure on whether they'd continue courting this late in the year, it's possible it could be a recently fledged bird chasing its mum around. If so, it should have looked something like this. 

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    I am a complete bird beginner so was just spit-balling ideas. I've managed to find a few similar videos online of their fledglings and think it may be a hungry chick trying to get one last meal off mum!

  • Great behaviour to witness if you can keep getting good views. Cracking little raptors. Welcome to the bird club.
  • Hello Ryan, welcome form another Scottish member on the forum. I am further up than Edinburgh, at the very top, in Caithness. A good find for you. I imagine that high pitched call in the middle of the night, coming from the cemetery would sound quite eerie!! Enjoy your new hobby, it can be addictive. I am an amature and like to feed and follow the different birds I get in the garden, and go out and about seeing what I can find. Hope to read more of your posts.

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    Thankfully we have only really been hearing it during daylight hours so it's not been spooky or disruptive! This is the first time I have seen any bird of prey in the city so will be keeping my eyes and ears out for more.

    Near us, we have magpies and blue-tits mostly but frequent the Pentlands with our dog whenever the weather is nice to get some peace amongst the swallows :)

    Not sure how much I will post here after today but thank you for your welcome!