Is this a Baby Robin??


I just wondered if anyone could help me please. My two resident Robins have not been in my garden for about 3 weeks (well my male has visited now and again for food but the female hasn't at all). Anyway today I had this little fellow it was in my garden around 6.30pm and it was here for a long time checking out every area of my garden and feeding from my ground feeder.

Could this be a fledgling of my resident Robins do you think? I think it looks young and was looking at it's feathers, they look fluffy. Please tell me I am right, I so want to be a Robin Nana haha

Thanks in Advance

  • Sorry Krafty but no, just a rather rough looking adult ... I don't have a pic of youngster to hand but there are plenty on google images ... looks nothing like our familiar Robin though!
    Am sure others will be along to help more!


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  • As Wendy says this an adult Robin albeit a very dishevelled looking one. Baby Robins are all speckled with no red breast as below.



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  • Aww thanks so much to you both for the information and the picture. I will know what to look for in future now (I am gutted now haha)
  • It might have just had a bath, but that doesn't explain why it only has one tail feather. It might be a first year Robin. The single tail feather seems pointed.

    Here's how they look when they first leave the nest. Hopefully you will have some of these in your garden some time in April.

    Unicum arbustum haud alit duos erithacos

    (One bush does not shelter two Robins)

    Zenodotus (3rd Century B.C.)


  • In reply to monkeycheese:

    Aww thanks so much for replying and for the picture it's so cute. Fingers crossed I do get them in my garden I will keep you posted, Thanks again x