Hi I’m just wondering if Blackbirds are nesting under my decking, at far end of garden. This is below a small summerhouse, so not used at this time of year.  I’ve seen them disappear under and come our other side then run down the garden. Is this strange ? 

  • They will not be nesting at the moment Gena, but more than likely using the space as a roost, to shelter in, away from the wind and rain. They may well have nested there before and are re visiting or are just looking for potential places for this year.

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  • They may well have been foraging the dark space for insects & spiders etc. to supplement their diet!


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  • I wouldn't rule out the nesting option, although the location is odd. I forget the forumite who posted it, but there is a recent thread (last two weeks) with pics of newly hatched Blackbirds in the London area.

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