Hi, can anyone ID this bird? Seen in mid Northern Ireland

We thought the orange face is from flower pollen? I wondered maybe garden warbler or whitethroat? But I've never actually seen former and latter only at a distance, so any help most gratefully received! Thanks.

  • Immature starling. As you said, flower pollen on its face.
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    Robbo, thanks. You're the expert, but can I just check slightly on size grounds? I didn't take the picture or see the bird myself -- am asking on behalf of puzzled friend -- but said friend is familiar with starlings and was clear this was the size of a sparrow.
  • Hi Staffs Starter.

    I think when Robbo comes back he will tell you it is very hard to judge size at any sort of distance.

    It is def a young Starling, I've just got this one that has nearly got its adult feathers.

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    Hi Alan, thanks for yours, and to Robbo too; good to know and really kind of you both to reply so quickly. I reckon it must have been a distance misjudgement, so now all I have to do is convince my friend! Many thanks.
  • I got the same sort of shot a few years ago in the Republic. Definitely a juvenile Starling. They seem to like these flowers which are commonly known as New Zealand Flax 

    As Alan has said it can be difficult to judge size from a distance.



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