Where have the birds gone

Has anyone else notice a real drop in birds feeding in the garden. For at least 3weeks now our feeders have all been untouched. usually we have lots of birds feeding. Blackbirds still coming along with doves and pigeons but nothing else not even sparrows

  • I’ve just taken the feeders down, emptied, scrubbed and refilled. See if that makes a difference
  • Hi Valerie , sorry no one has replied yet as there is never a concrete reason for birds disappearing but here is a link that may help


    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • We have quiet periods here, so I'd be tempted to feel it is quite normal.

    Something else to take into consideration, though its late autumn and moving in to winter, insects can still be active, many can be active at temps as low as 3ºC, so if the weather is mild and sunny, they may be getting their food from mother nature.

    Unless something has frightened them off, they will be back, they need to eat to survive and they do remember where the food sources are.


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  • I do hope so. It has been exceptionally mild but It is so quiet. Lived here 33 years and can’t remember it being like this. Not even sparrows cheeping. Blackbird and robin feeding here still so fingers crossed.