Replacing the tubes on old feeders.

The plastic tubes in my feeders have become cracked. These feeders are a couple of decades old, and have grey metal fittings. Is there any interest here in replacing the (63mm outside diameter) tubes with new? I have found a source but they deal in 2metre lengths! I can cut to length and make holes, but want to gauge interest before I buy a lot of tube. The assembled feeder looks like the 'RSPB Easy-clean® seed feeder medium' in the shop. (Is that 63mm dia too?). Please let me know. Thanks for reading all this. John
  • Hello John. Try a supplier called Jacobi Jayne (not sure if this is the correct spelling) I replaced most of mine from there. If your feeders are droll yankee they will provide for free as they have a lifetime guarantee. The tubes will fit the RSPB standard feeders too and probably fit most others. They also supply spare metal dishes that fit on the bottom! Hope this helps :)

  • I rang them, they seem like a very good co to deal with, and yes they provide lifetime support with spares, but do not supply spares to anyone else, and cannot confirm the size of their tubes anyway. (Mine may be so old as to be different size to current RSPB ones.)

    So, is there anyone out there needing replacement 63mm os dia tubes (any length you like [up to 2000mm] ?

  • Is there another part of the forum where it would be better to post this question? (I'm new here.)


  • Hi John,
    Having the exact same problem and just wish to replace clear plastic tubes as rest of feeders are good quality metal ones.
    Please can you advise "source" of 63mm (2+1/2") OD clear tubing.
  • I'm sure you will check the dimensions of the tubes carefully, John. The link to the tubes that that Alan has kindly provided look a lot thicker than the polycarbonate ones provided on most feeders. I've got the Droll Yankee feeders and the internal dimension of the tube is about 60mm so depending on your feeder might not fit.

    You can get replacement tubes for Droll Yankee feeders from HERE but I seem to recall they weren't cheap. Worth giving them a ring to see what they can offer.



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  • I bought some of the cheaper feeders with the plastic fitting, and then transferred the metal fitting from my broken feeders tubes to the nice new shiny ones, and just chucked the plastic fittings into the garage.

    Richard B

  • I have three seed feeders bought from RSPB about 3 or 4 years old. With regular cleaning ie stripping apart carefully, the tubes are now ready to be replaced ( they are with the nice metal fittings type )
    Did I read somewhere that the RSPB can supply just the tubes?
  • I have 5 of these old RSPB Green Metal Hanging feeders - maybe 12 years old now - but they are cracked. Three are 4xPort and Two are 2xPort. The top port on all 3 of the 4xPort feeders are cracked and two of them I have removed the top green metal Port fittings. The 3rd. 4xPort feeder is cracked, but still wholly functional. For a temporary reprieve I robbed my store of Prosecco corks shortened the top end of the cork and they can then be twisted into the holes of the top Ports leaving just that small projection. I then bound over the cork heads and the tube with wide Electricians White Gaffer Tape (am in the Theatre business). The result is all five Feeders are now 2 Port Hanging Feeders. So far the bottom Ports of all feeders are still functional. However I have stored away the metal fittings of the redundant Ports in the hope that I may find a source of replacement tubes - Just like everyone here seems to be saying. So, Yes, there is a market for replacement tubes for the RSPB Hanging Feeders - probably both 2 Port and 4 Port lengths. Phew! Glad I've got that off my chest! The birds don't seem to be bothered by the truncations or the 2" wide white Gaffer Tape! Michael.

  • My, that was some read! Glad that your experiment worked and the birds have not been bothered by it. 

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