What to feed each season


Another question here! 

as we are slowly approaching spring from a mild set back winter, I am just curious what many people feed the birds in the spring/summer season I’ve seen sunflower hearts, peanuts, mealworms and mixed seed, then come autumn and winter bring the fat balls out again. Is this something that I should do? Or what do you think is best? 

  • Peanuts shouldn't be fed in baby season, as chicks can choke.

  • Well said PB, was just going to say that ... Luke -  I used to feed sunflower hearts and suet pellets plus some live mealworms or waxworms for Robins in particular ... my Sparrows never used to take any but Starlings will gobble the lot, I used a caged feeder they couldn't get into!  Currants or raisins (soaked) for Blackbirds but not on the ground as hedgehogs shouldn't eat them!


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  • Late reply but been wondering this myself and just decided to watch what they’re eating the most and adjust. I was going to remove fat balls as I assumed Spring would be all about protein, but they were still absolutely devouring the fat balls and after a bit of reading saw that this continues right through to the end of breeding season / start of summer. Also I think peanuts are fine if in a metal mesh feeder so the birds can only get small fragments at a time - but yeah no whole peanuts. So yeah just watch what’s popular and adjust accordingly!