Squirrel & pigeon proof bird feeder cages DIY (using hanging baskets).

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    I just had a look at the cages you mentioned. The cage looks smaller, and the gaps a little wider than mine too.
    If you have a read of the reviews on your link, someone says the starlings can hold on and put their heads in to reach the food. Not a lot of use unfortunately
    The one I mentioned and those of PimperneBloke have narrower gaps.
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    That’s great, thank you. I will check these feeders out, thank you very much.

  • Hi Boothy99
    I found your hack with the baskets and put it to use as we had a double feeder which was getting mugged by pigeons. After a few months I discovered that sliding the basket up and off to fill up, the reverse operation of putting the feeder back in the basket and trying to catch the feeder hanger between the cable ties was rather fiddly.
    So I turned the basket upside down, cable ties at the bottom, and I now use two cords with the ends slipped through a bight on either side of the hanger. One end of each cord is knotted to give extra bite. Any type of corded loop should do.
    So now, I lift the cage and feeder to the ground, slip the cords out, the basket falls open and the feeder is ready to top up. Next, close the basket, slip the cords back in and re-hang.
    Now I'm being mugged by pigeons.
  • Nice tip for the adaptation MalcH
    Hope you're not pigeon - pecked