Squirrel & pigeon proof bird feeder cages DIY (using hanging baskets).

I thought I'd share the instructions for the feeder cages I made for my suspended feeder & tray feeder. Someone might find them handy and somewhat cheaper (around £5 - £8 per cage) than the ready made ones. They work perfectly -so far- to keep the squirrels and pigeons off. I'd searched everywhere to find some baskets large enough to be useful, and only found suitable ones at Wickes DIY. I'm sure there'll be more elsewhere in-season in summer.

I've not entirely starved the unwanted critters as there are other feeders in the garden they're ok to take from ;-) 

Video of a squirrel having a hard time, here ....  photos.app.goo.gl/jHJyKCTnx9kZoVdy8

How to make the cages.....

Two 14 inch hanging baskets for the tall feeder with x2 cable ties holding it together - only at the top, so it's easy to open it at the bottom, slide it up and off to top-up the feeder. Don't pinch the ties too tight or it'll be difficult to release the cage from the feeder hoop (best to attach the ties with feeder hoop in place).

Two 12 inch baskets and parts of the supplied chains to suspend around the tray-feeder. Again, just two cable ties to hold the cage together as a hinge.

Removable chain links & clips used to support the base of the tray-feeder so that the lower cage doesn't drop down.

I used the chain clips with two links either side; three links to the far end, to suspend the bottom cage from the edge of the tray.

Best to add the clips & links to the feed tray before you attach the top cage, to make it easier to fiddle about and get the bottom cage to hang reasonably level.