I’m not sure how or if I should help

Good Morning,

On Sunday at about 12pm myself and my partner were leaving our house and found what I now believe is a fledgling/slightly older Wood Pigeon on our doorstep.

It’s eyes were bright and alert and wasn’t visibly injured, but even when we stepped over it/got quite close it only sidestepped and obviously couldn’t fly.

We weren’t sure what to do, so after learning on Google how rare it was for Wood Pigeons to leave their young, we left it some water and left it to go out. On our return some hours later it was gone. 

Later that day we saw it walking around the driveways with what appeared to be both of it’s parents looking completely healthy.

This morning, I have opened our blinds to find what I think (?) is the same bird in our garden - I think just resting. Again after it saw me, it took a few steps forward (I’m pretty sure with a limp), and then settled again.

I’m really a complete novice and unsure of this is normal behaviour and I should do nothing, or if this bird is unwell and needs help? I feel confident the parents are still around but this doesn’t seem usual to me?

For information, we live not too far from a river and some hills but we are in a housing estate, the drive we originally found it on is shared by 2 others and is quite busy with cars coming and going. And our garden is small but quite overgrown (we recently moved in!), so I wondered if it offered a bit of cover from the trees above?

Haha help please! I’m not sure if I’m being overly concerned or if there’s something I should be doing! 

Thank You

  • Hello Kate, I'm not an expert but my advice would be to just keep your eye on the young wood pigeon and not intervene unless it is in immediate danger; if the parent birds are still around then you only need to observe; they spend a lot of time on the ground walking and foraging but head for the trees or higher place of safety at night-time. , You mentioned it disappeared for a while so my guess is all is well and will be with the parent birds so no need to worry unduly.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"