The Young of 2021 share your photos here

  • Hi Flynn, good to have you on board, nothing like watching the young growing to get an interest in birding. I hope the Blue Tits all fledge, the weather has been iffy I know but sounds as if you are helping out by feeding the parents, the non stop feeding takes its toll on them.

    Lot to learn

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    Hello and welcome to the forum Flynn, and bird watching, and nature watching, because insects also play a big part in bird life.

    Fingers crossed for the chicks, and don't worry too much about getting photos, that'll come when the time is right.

    It can be enjoyable kitchen window observing, just make sure that nothing is cooking/boiling while you're enjoying bird watching, new pans etc can get a little costly after a short while!

    I had the task of cleaning a pan when Mrs PR had burned the chilliconcarne!

    Dinner was salvageable, the pan, well, it had my magic touch and is still in service and looking good, so good, I now get all the dirty pans to clean....  

    Enjoy and keep us posted. 


    Flickr Peak Rambler

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    Can't see my pics have I boobed again!

    isn't wild wonderful

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    Anthony James said:
    Can't see my pics have I boobed again!


    You need to select Rich Formatting first at the bottom right, just outside the text box, to ensure you get the menu at the top of the text box.

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    Then select as you would from your computer drive

    Or from online sources

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  • All hell broke loose here yesterday after the magpie got wind of the Song Thrushes fledging, I think nearly everyone got away and survived.  This little one needed some help after barrelling into my ancient cat who was asleep in the veg patch.  Mum thrush alerted me to the problem.  I have sent her off to our local wildlife lady with fingers firmly crossed that she will be ok. 

    Cin J

  • Lovely to see all the 2021 newbies .....     here's a couple to add

    one of the young wild rabbits

    Pics taken from our balcony - mallard ducklings

    mandarin duckling


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Now starting to see a few fledglings in the garden after having quite a bit of apparently unproductive nest building earlier. One badly located Blackbirds nest was predated, our neighbours say they are trying again in their garden, and a pair of Blue Tits appear to have started in one nest box and are now taking material to another box and starting again.

    Here's what I've seen over the last few days.

    A solitary young starling, only seen a couple of times.

    Young Greenfinch seen only once so far.

    Our most successful family, at least two young Robins being feed regularly in our hedges.

  • First juvenile in the garden on May 10th.


  • Thanks, everyone, for the posts and pics of the youngin's. And welcome back, Hazel!

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Today in the wind and rain Titch decided to bring a babe in for feeding, they sat on the fence and I thought it was a sparrow with it's youngster, but no Titch came into the shed for food and promptly flew outside and fed his chick, with me outside by now with food dish in hand!!!, wet but very happy!!! A welcome from me too Hazy, love those Heron chicks.

    Lot to learn