A sing-along with Titch this morning

Ah ... downloading from 'burst' isn't straightforward then!!

Getting there  -  Titch busy these days feeding his partner just down the lane, and comes over when I'm out with Sue knowing I will have mealworm for him.

You can't do video when in 'burst' apparently, so we just have to imagine the lovely singing.    My videos have been so bad that maybe that is a good anyway:-)

Hope you are all doing well


Lot to learn

  • Oh, they're lovely shots Gaynor, everything seems to "pop" beautifully from the screen when there's a drop of blue sky about :o)
  • He's such a cutie Gaynor, hope you get to see his babies!


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  • Lovely pics of Titch singing away.


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  • Lovely photos, and what looks like a lovely day Gaynor.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the video quality, mine aren't that great either, just enjoy sharing them.


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  • Thank you all so much, isn't it fabulous to see the sun again in all it's glory. Must say the wind is still freezing and in fact we are getting a frost every morning just now, I had a walk after dinner tonight and it was lovely, the breeze had died down and the birds were all singing, even a Thrush joined in from the adjoining field, and a Buzzard sat on a telegraph pole wondering if it's supper was around, I came back and put my plug plants in the shed, I spend half my time carrying them in and out while waiting for the ground to warm up enough for planting. All good fun!!

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  • What a cutie Gaynor. Lovely pics

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thanks Linda, glad to see on the other thread that you will be "free" to roam soon, look forward to your photos in hopefully good weather that we all deserve :-)

    Lot to learn

  • Good to see little Titch again Gaynor, he is a fine fellow.
    I am a bit further up the A9 from Linda, so slowly able to get a bit further afield. Hopefully not long now before we can go further, not that I will be going anywhere on holiday this year, but at least we can go further and maybe get to some shops etc.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Thanks Catlady, today Titch was acting out of norm as he took a mealworm from me but flew to another area, I have a feeling that the farmer coming in the field with his tractor and roller today will have scared them, I just hope there were no young in the nest. The nest was in a lovely thick area too, such a shame. He came over to the house later on this afternoon and was singing away, to attract her or looking for her, I'm not sure. Time will tell.

    Lot to learn

  • Hopefully nothing too drastic has happened


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