Odds & Sods 2021

  • Nice shots Bob, that stag is giving you the evil eye! What is the bird between the yellow Waggie and the Rabbit?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    He's showing off his Dippers CL :o) as well as the close up stag, beautifully reflected wagtail (I thought grey at first look), and winter must be coming coz the grouse(?) has furry boots on!

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    Sorry PB. You're right.

    From now on, I'll say they're Mike's emogels.

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    Yes, a dipper. Still to get a good photo of one. I would blame the bridge camera but I think it's the reflection of the water and the fact I always have it on auto because I'm too lazy to learn :)
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    Some beautifuil large stags up there this year. The rut hasn't really got going the last couple of years but it'll be interesting to see if it does this year. I'm always in two minds going to watch it, incredible to see them fighting for hinds and so majestic but also deer get killed. A hind got killed last year coming between two rutting stags.

  • A clip of the stag. I was walking off one of the edges that the Peaks are famous for through woodland on a slippy path and watching my feet. Took a pause and he was right there next to me in the trees 30 yards or so away, I'd have never even noticed him if I hadn't taken a break. Both stood still for what seemed like a long time (in reality a couple of minutes probably) then he snapped out of his trance and wandered off slowly, keeping an eye on me as he did so.