Odds & Sods 2021

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    Wendy S said:
    Love those Collared Dove photos. They were the first bird I ever went on a twitch for back in 1960 when they were super rare in the UK, It wasn't called twitching then and I cannot remember how we heard of this rare bird before bird lines and social media.

    I just love how they appear so affectionate to each other and the way they keep the wood pigeons in check, without any argy bargy...


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  • Things have been a bit busy here of late, PR jnr has decided it is time we went down to see him, we agree, so it looks like my mid-Sept trip to Conwy is on hold for a couple of weeks.

    With the weather being so, dull (at times I felt a torch may be required when outside during the daytime), but yesterday, there was a weather break, the sun was out, the birds were out, and I managed to capture this wee robin with the new lens....





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  • Nice captures, they are so inquisitive and cheeky!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I have noticed recently that our local Robins have changes their song and now singing what we think of as a more wistful winter song. Still great to hear though but it means Summer is over and Autumn has arrived in the natural world.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Taking a bit of time out from various tasks, and enjoying the sun in the garden for a change.

    One of a pair of collared doves, that are regular visitors to the garden.

    A juvenile goldfinch on the sunflower seeds

    Go on kidda, get stuck in....

    A buzzard gracefully flying overhead

    Please sir, can I have some more?

    I wish the human would go away....

    Pesky mites....


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  • Ok, I got interrupted by a very important phone call, nothing serious, and all sorted.

    The important part, the photos I never managed to upload.....

    The fish in the pond have also been enjoying the sun (and probably won't pose or me again if I omit them )

    I'm forever blowing bubbles....

    With jaws like that approaching, that poor food pellet didn't stand a chance!



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  •  I was sitting on the banks of the River Severn when the Canada Geese began to circle again, then again, and again. I must have taken 50 photos until I caught them, almost, in focus. Amazing to watch and at one stage, I was certain that a Swan joined in. 

  • A few pics from Leasowe, Wirral

    assuming this is a Lesser Black-backed Gull 

    Pied Wagtail .


    Distant shot of a House Martin who will be migrating south in the next month to overwinter in Africa .......   

    starling numbers building up .................


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Feeding the fish before the days tasks start....

    These photos were taken using the 100-400 lens plus circular polarising filter to reduce the sunlight on the water surface.

    Cue Jaws theme....

    Always well behaved, no squabbling ever seen.....

    After the days tasks were done, I had an hour or so free late yesterday afternoon, so pitched up on the patio, and being so hot, didn't expect anything, but it was good to sit outside.

    I think, a drone fly, corrections are always welcome, though hoverflies were around.


    A hoverfly

    Someone's got a messy bum!  

    Time to buzz off....

    The fairies have made a flying visit!

    it was a gloriously hot and sunny day, though I'd grab a couple before the cloud and showers return....

    To the east

    and to the west (star 6 filer used)

    We don't get many moths here, or at least I don't see many, except on the trailcams at night, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this white-shouldered house moth sunning itself on the grass....

    I was just about to pack away and have a shower, when I heard some rustling behind me....

    and not long afterwards, decided to take the plunge and feed from the feeder about 1.5 mtrs away from me. I should have had my bribery pot with me....


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  • Ooooo, I managed to get a shot of the lightening yesterday

    It was a pretty dramatic hour or two 

    Cin J