In my garden.....

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    I do recall you asked me to send some rain a little while just forgot to say how much lol.
    Thanks David, Garden is certainly taking a bit of shape but could do with some more sun!!!
    Siskins are lovely arent they but then so is your Green Woodpecker!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Good to see the photos are still coming Linda, and the local wildlife is ignoring the challenges nearby. 


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    Thanks Mike, my garden is their extended forest..or swamp land if this rain doesnt stop!!

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  • Well with all the crap weather lately not much been happening in the garden or the birds where that quick because of the heavy rain and wind I missed them...although a poor bedraggled maggie has taken a shine to me..not actually sure if he a young one or just been refected by the rest as he is or she is pretty big.

    It looked awful when it was drenched

    How could I not feel sorry for it...only 2 tail feathers and looked like it had been attcked but after several days of feeding it some meal worms it began to dig for worms itself and it can also fly beyond the garden...although it still cant squawk like maggies do its very quiet...even the pigeons were bullying it...well that was until today it even managed to get up on the fatballs

    Its even got a friend

    I didnt even think he would last the night when I first saw him like this

    I cant believe the difference a good feed and a blowdry with the strong wind can do

    So thats been keeping me busy the past week or so..nice to see it recover.

    some other visitors I had today with it being dry sunny and windy

    I put some peanuts out in the ball feeder...there was soon a queue to get on it

    fatballs were popular aswell

    looks like this one couldnt wait for the barbers opening and took matters into his own hands lol

    And way high up in the sky swifts or swallow or you tell me I was just happy to capture them lol

    As you can see its been a busy day!

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • The magpie was in a right sorry state Linda, well done on helping it, stands a chance now of surviving. I know they can be a menace to the young birds, and eggs etc., but that is all part of life in our gardens. Great pics of all the various tit family eating away, I don't do peanuts in the summer as the young chicks can choke on them apparently, but the hearts are disappearing rapidly today again, once the weather gets warmer (if) then I will decrease food so they can work out where to find their own, until autumn when I will start again.

    Lot to learn

  • That poor bedraggled Magpie, not surprised you felt compelled to nurse it back to health Linda! Earlier on I had Mr Limpy coming to hoggie feeding station every morning for a few weeks, had a dragging wing & a deformed leg on same side but never stopped it from diving in & out of feeding station pinching the hoggie's food!  Was then joined by an able- bodied one, they never fought!


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  • Poor old magpie, feathers not giving a lot of protection, must have been quite cold! Lovely Tit pictures, (I do love a coal tit!)
    Difficult to tell but I would suggest House Martins in the overhead shot, but I am usually wrong!!
  • Good to see so many juveniles in your garden Linda, despite the inclement weather and poor young maggie looking soggy. We have 4 youngsters here and although they now forage for themselves they still flap their wings when they see one of the parents and beg to be fed ! It's lovely to see all birds including the corvids.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • What is happening to your birds!

    A magpie looking like its been dragged through a hedge backwards, another magpie looks like it part of a cooling fan….

    Joking aside, nice piccies and I hope all is well?


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  • So its been a few been flooded loads , feeders put away and birds hiding in the trees and shrubs. Managed to take a few pics but the garden is fairly quiet...for now

    Mrs BB or 2 or 3 is always around come rain or shine

    and today it was shining ...even Mrs BB was happy

    Then cloudy

    I hear you wriggling about little wormies

    Feeders are put away although after all the rain the other day i put out a little handful of sunflower hearts for my coaltits

    Oh a youngish Mrs BB pops out the undergrowth every now and then

    Young Dunnock looking for a snack

    And growing up fast RRB

    GT thinking about taking off

    And still not quite sure

    The 3 amigos

    And maggie adjusting to fishing rather than digging

    Whos that handsome chap down there

    Lollipops hanging out in the trees

    Oh and a couple of butterflies I chased about today..IDs  if possibble please

    Well am afraid thats you all caught up with the goings on in my garden for now

    Hope you are all safe and well

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)