In my garden.....

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    Linda257 said:
    Thanks Mike...Oh it has been on and off for past 48hrs.... I can see the Campsies in the distance from where I live

    That's pretty much what my friend said.


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  • So am sitting looking through all todays pics of Starling, starling, pigeons oh and more starlings when my other half shouts in from the kitchen "A think thers a Deer in the garden"...WHAT!!!!! I couldny get the memory card out the tablet quick enough and back in the camera...never ready!!! Oh and its 9.30pm and rather dark!!!!

    yes there it was wandering about quite the thing as I try to take pics

    And then it dawns on me How did it get in...what if it cant get back much as I was admiring it I was already looking for the saw to cut the I went it it went behind the cabin and it was jumping about then came out other side again.....oh no! I stepped back in the house to let it settle and when I went out 10 mins later it was no where to be seen...hooray! Behind the cabin there is actually a huge tree root that has come right through the fence and broke a plank so thats how the badger, fox and now deer is gaining access.

    So that was tonights drama! 

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  • Wow! What a lovely surprise for you Linda.... cover all your edible shoots lol
  • Just goes to show Linda, you never know what will turn up in a garden LOL what an absolute thrill to see the deer; guessing it is a Roe Deer. You may have no plants left and hope you're not growing veggies like carrots or there won't be any left to harvest ha ha !! You did very well to get such good photos of these shy animals.


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    What a stunning find!


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    Am still in shock!...shoot!!! I never thought about that!!!! new plants lol

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    Lol Thanks Hazel. I used to see them beyond the fence years ago before the school was built but never in the garden..thanks for ID veg as soil is contaminated...old iron works site.

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    Thanks Mike

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  • Oh no, a lovely find indeed but one you really do not want in your garden. All that cash you spent on the new pants and shrubs! Hope it just looks in from the other side from now on!

    Ooops that is meant to say PLANTS!!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Lynn L said:
    All that cash you spent on the new pants

    Now now Catlady...This is not the place to discuss how much I spend on underwear

    As for the Deer not much I can do really as the tree root is massive....and I dont want to close the gap completely so the foxes and badgers can still get in...maybe it was just a one is set up ...just incase it returns!

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