Time to venture out........

So after years of standing watching wildlife come and go in the garden and reading what all you lovely people writeand post about the great outdoors I thought it was about time to get on my boots , grab my camera and binoculars and jump in the car for a new adventure.....3 minute drive up the road to....yes its basically on my doorstep!

Sun was shining, carpark pretty busy but excited to see new things so I will need your help identifying what I saw ....

Looking up at the sky......a flock of???( sorry not  great pics)

plenty buzzards(I think) soaring around in the sunshine

Then hiding in the distance....(my other half said they look like kangeroos!)

Time to search the water......(looks like a fake duck to me )

Goldeneye I think!

Then a wander over to the river to hopefully see a kingfisher as I have never seen one but had no luck. 

Ended up taking lots of pics of this duck but no idea what it is...help please!

Back to dry land and some stunning scenery

Who knew there was life beyond my kitchen window. Can't wait to get back out to discover more of our wonderful world.