A wander around Holt Heath, then a spectacular sight on the way home....

So, a day off today and decided to go for a walk around Holt Heath (Deepest darkest Dorsetshire) to see what was to be seen..


 Pippit? Yellowhammer Better Stonechat

Silver Studded Blue maybe! Another Stonechat Mr &Mrs Stonechat The cows were out!

 Not sure, Linnet I think

   Didn't see the other 2 critters on left of shot til I got home!

 More Stonechat Painted Lady

 and then to finsh of, a stunning field of poppies on the drive home!

  • Looks like quite a Stonechat fest. Nice variety of wildlife on your walk. The poppies look stunning. Not often you see fields of them like that these days.
    For some reason a lot of your photos flip sideways when I click to enlarge them. Don't know why that would be. It seems to happen when you've shot in portrait mode
    The pipit looks like a Meadow Pipit. Yes, they are Linnets .... mostly male but the last one looks like a female.
    Agree with Silver-studded Blue butterfly. Gorgeous.
    The dragonfly you saw looks like a male Broad-bodied Chaser. Difficult to make out the other two but I'd guess at Southern Hawker and Common Blue Damsel for the smaller one.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Hi Tony, yes, lots of stonechats, and linnets...still all pretending to be Dartford Warblers lol. None of the pics were taken in portrait, but I did crop and resize all of them to get them into one post so maybe that affected them, and also, I laid them out side by side in the reply box, whereas normally I would lay them out in a column, so perhaps that was it? I did a quick web search after posting for the dragon, and I also thought it was the Broad-Bodied chaser so thanks for confirmation, and thanks for ID of the rest.

  • PimperneBloke, some fabulous photos there


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