Dorset trip

Hi all, we have just spent a few days away in Dorset visiting Abbotsbury Swannery, Brownsea island, RSPB Radipole Lake and Lodmoor. I like to visit Brownsea annually,it is such a wonderful reserve with lots to see so here's a few photos of my visit 

This year I tried to time my visit to see the breeding Common and Sandwich Terns on Brownsea and I wasn't disappointed -such a wonderful sight and sound. They were constantly bringing in fish and sand eels 


It was difficult to isolate one family as they were so closely packed together along with nesting BH Gulls 

The Common Tern colony was a bit further away then the sandwich terns and a lot quieter !

there are large numbers of BH Gulls nesting in the reedbeds and on the shingle tern islands and a lot of youngsters around 

lastly, gorgeous Red Squirrel on brownsea -we saw at least 8

Next a few from Abbotsbury Swannery - it was busy there with some big cygnets to nesting swans on eggs - I was surprised to see nests so close right next to the footpath in some cases!

I spotted this little fella under the bird feeders -wondered if it was a vole of some kind,it was tiny in size ??

Next a few from RSPB Radipole lake-I really liked this reserve, lots to see and well set out. This reed Warbler was up singing ,shame about the twigs!

and Cetti's Warbler all over the reserve 

Cute little duckling having a snooze on a log 

There were huge numbers of Swift over the reserve 

Best wishes, Jayne 

  • Fabulous set of species and photos Jayne, hard to pick a favourite amongst those beauties. Well done on catching the Cetti's warbler long enough for a photo, they are usually so elusive and love the little red squiggle !    Your vole may be a Field Vole if you said it was quite small as I think the Bank Vole is larger.   


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Yes a great set of photos - both places look very interesting.
    It's definitely a vole, but I might disagree with Hazy. I believe the Bank Vole is actually smaller than the Field but only just. The Field Vole has a very short tail (1/3 body length) and can appear quite shaggy (the fur can obscure ears) whereas the Bank Vole's tail is longer (1/2 body length). I'd guess this a Bank Vole, but I'm by no means certain


    Nige   Flickr

  • Thanks Hazel and Nigel - although I see some great wildlife in cornwall it was nice to visit some different reserves and get a change of scenery. There were Cetti's calling all over the reserve at Radipole -I'm not sure but I think the volunteer said approx 100 breeding pairs, you can hear their loud distinctive call all around the reserve.Thanks for your thoughts on the vole -it was near water at the swannery and as i said really tiny
  • Lovely selection of photos Jayne, hard to get the Tern in flight you did well there, mind you managed a fabulous shot of the Swift too so you must have fast reaction:-) Great to go to a new Reserve or two and they both produced some lovely wildlife for you.

    Lot to learn