Beautiful Butterflies 2019

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    Thats a really tatty looking one Mike, wonder if the wing damage affected its flight & aerodynamics.


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    Tony T said:
    Thats a really tatty looking one Mike, wonder if the wing damage affected its flight & aerodynamics.

    It did, but the weather hadn't really been t hat obliging over the preceding few days, so it could be undernourished, or could be getting towards the end of it's butterfly lifespan.


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  • Lovely day so a couple from the garden

    Sorry about the first one as I was only trying out the size!!   Nice P. Lady though.

    Lot to learn

  • A Small Copper that I found recently.


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  • Nice stuff all, here's a few as promised (threatened) from our Ham Wall trip, As you'll see, a plethora of speckled wood, a good few comma and some whites

  • Some surprisingly pristine lovelies down at Arne today

    Pristine Red Addmiral

    Then didn't have to move to get a pristine Speckled Wood

    And one step backward gave me two together but apart!

    "Ready to launch at your command, sir"

    A Stained Glass Red Admiral

    And finally painted lady (whoops, no need to tell anyone Tony...I blame the finches :o) )

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    Good to see the butterflies are still active. Very nice shots, PB.

    PimperneBloke said:
    And finally a Large Tortoiseshell

    If only it was. You'd probably have twitchers (or whatever the equivalent is in the butterfly world - "flutters") turning up.



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    That's more butterflies ... and more sunshine ... than I've seen recently.


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    Was a nice half day, Nige, clouded over just after lunch, started raining overnight, and is still going now, but drizzle not proper rain. Forecast is brighter for tomorrow down here, about 15% chance of rain, til lunchtime, but breezy.
    They do say "it's grim oop north"!! :o)
  • Hi,

    We were lucky enough to holiday in Carzola in Spain this year, and I snapped two butterflies I hadnt seen before! The first (I think) was a Lang's short-tailed blue, or zebra blue. The second was a Mediterranean Fritillary, also known as El Capitaine! Result!

    My family think I'm mad rushing off into the bushes with my smart phone, however it keeps me amused!