First visit to Rainham for nearly three years ......... and it was good to be back!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, which made a trip to Rainham Marshes a great idea!  After receiving the warmest of welcomes from the excellent Louise we collected the mobility scooter (essential for Limpy) and set out.  The first birds were duly snapped before we even got away from the visitor centre:

Got to love magpies - they are so beautiful and cheeky.

This male house sparrow was determined to be seen and admired.

By the ladies, as well as us!

This Canada goose family looks dubiously at me.

One of many young starlings on the reserve.

The marsh frogs were in fine voice - we were hearing them all over the reserve.

One of many elusive reed warblers - happily, this one wasn't quite elusive enough.

By contrast this sedge warbler was highly obliging!

Another obliging warbler!  A whitethroat this time.

I know mute swans are everywhere but I can never resist them.  They are so beautiful!

'Stop being such an exhibitionist' thinks Mr Tufty.

Another lovely goose family - greylag this time.

Mrs Tufty keeps a close eye on her little ones.  Not the easiest job!

Ever get the sense you're being watched?  Crows miss very little.

One of the reserve's more formidable residents - a lesser black-backed gull.

A beautiful marsh harrier.

'I will get this fish eaten' thinks the grebe's answer to Mr Punch

A post-lunch pose.

The bird that got the RSPB started ........ the stunning little egret.

One of the reserve's cows demonstrates startling flexibility.

Finishing with this spiky caterpillar- hard to believe it'll grow into a beautiful peacock butterfly!


Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.