• Hen Harrier Day 2020 - today - from 10am.

    Today is #HenHarrierDayOnline! We’re celebrating with our remarkable new hen harrier artwork by @AtmStreetart, to raise awareness of these rare birds.

    This year it’s all online so join @ChrisGPackham & @MeganMcCubbin NOW for a day of virtual action   http://youtube.com/HenHarrierDayUK

    • 8 Aug 2020
  • Hen Harrier Day 2020

    On 8 August celebrate Hen Harrier Day 2020, an online celebration of these spectacular birds. We're delighted to reveal this amazing hen harrier artwork by @AtmStreetart, here @RSPBRainham.

    Take part in a day of virtual action   youtube.com/HenHarrierDayUK @HHDayUK

    • 3 Aug 2020
  • Nature keeps giving

    We re-opened two weeks ago today, and plenty of people have returned to enjoy the reserve and its summer willdife.
    A garganey has been showing well in front of the Ken Barrett hide - probably a male in its eclipse plumage, but with a very well marked face. (Thanks to Chris Barnes for the photo below).
    Insects are very much in evidence, with shrill carder bees, clouded yellow butterflies and migrant hawker…
    • 30 Jul 2020
  • Update on reopening

    See the full update here..


    We can also confirm that our toilets in the visitor centre are open too.

    • 22 Jul 2020
  • Saving the Shrill-carder bee.

    Press release 2020/04 - Issued by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

    Conservationists come together to save the threatened Shrill carder bee

    A group of leading conservationists have committed to work together to save the rarest bumblebee in England and Wales, the Shrill carder bee.

    From today (14 July 2020) more than 30 organisations plus dozens of individuals, including conservation charities, government bodies, volunteers…

    • 18 Jul 2020
  • Canvey Wick

    Canvey Wick, managed in partnership by RSPB, Buglife & Land Trust, one of the 10 best nature reserves on reclaimed land



    • 15 Jul 2020
  • We are re-opening...

    Our trails and car park will open on Thursday July 16th, and we will then be open from 9.30am to 5pm on Thursdays through to Sundays each week.

    Please be mindful of our limited capacity. We urge our visitors to please stay local to your nearest reserves and greenspaces.

    Anyone choosing to visit should observe all current government advice around social distancing and hygiene.

    Some of our hides will be open - namely the…

    • 13 Jul 2020
  • The Hidden Wilds of the Motorway

    The RSPB Rainham Marshes reserve will feature in this documentary tonight, on BBC4 at 9pm.

    • 30 Jun 2020
  • Taking care of the reserve during lockdown

    Whilst the reserve has been closed and lockdown has been underway, I wanted to provide an update on what has been happening on the reserve, to reassure you that it has not been neglected or forgotten about.

    At the outset of lockdown back in late March, RSPB closed all our reserves, volunteers were sadly asked to not come in, staff worked from home where possible, and then were furloughed. As site manager, in common with…

    • 29 Jun 2020
  • Online shopping

    Whilst our shop here at Rainham Marshes is not available, don't forget that our online shop is still available..


    ...helping you to garden for wildlife, feed your garden birds, get gifts and greetings card, and much more.

    • 17 Jun 2020
  • Glow worm

    I found our first glow worm of the year earlier this week...

    • 10 Jun 2020
  • Update on reserve opening

    We know how much you’re looking forward to being able to visit Rainham Marshes again. We’re looking forward to seeing you! However, the reserve trails and visitor centre will continue to be kept closed to the public for now. We will only re-open when we have everything in place to keep our visitors, volunteers and employees safe.

    We also have some species nesting close to our normally busy paths, so we need…

    • 4 Jun 2020
  • Conservation management continues

    One key management task underway at the moment, is the use of pumps to maintain water levels. despite the run of warm weather during April and into May, water levels had held up well. But they have started to drop away now, so using pumps to move water around has been necessary this last two weeks or so. Keeping parts of the marsh wet, with lots of insect life in the damp mud, is vital to help breeding lapwing and redshank…

    • 27 May 2020
  • Big Wild Sleep Out - but not as we know it. This weekend.

    The #BigWildSleepOut is coming but not as we know it...this is the ‘Lockdown Edition!’ You’ve been loving your daytime wildlife and now is your chance to discover what comes out after dark. Join in from home on Sat 23 May - https://bit.ly/2zAww7l

    • 22 May 2020
  • Redshank landing

    One of our trail cameras caught this picture of a redshank.

    It looks very much like it is about to land on the gatepost. This is always a sure sign they have young nearby, as landing on a post gives them a good vantage point from which to watch over the young in the grass below.

    Wading birds on posts often look... unexpected, as we are more used to seeing them wading in water and poking their bills into the mud. But several…

    • 19 May 2020
  • Reserve not open yet.

    Following announcements this week from the government regarding the lifting of some of the lockdown restrictions, I wanted to provide you with the following update regarding the reserve. 

    • The Rainham Marshes reserve trails and visitor centre will continue to be kept closed to the public for now. We will only re-open when we have everything in place to keep our visitors, volunteers and employees safe.
    • We will not be opening…
    • 14 May 2020
  • Archive birding no2

    Penduline tits..

    Back in late December 2004 three penduline tits were found along the northern haul road (before there was even a northern trail boardwalk). They did not linger and were seen to fly off to the west. The record was met with some incredulity at a local level. This occurred twelve months before the December 2005 sociable plover was found on the reserve. Whilst the sociable plover was present, many birders came…

    • 11 May 2020
  • Reserve still closed

    With a #BankHoliday approaching, we would like to remind everyone that in line with clear instructions from the Government for us all to remain at home (apart from a limited number of allowed activities), the reserve remains closed to visitors until further notice and our events are postponed. It is with great sadness that we ask people to continue to refrain from visiting us, but we must play our part to help restrict…

    • 7 May 2020
  • Our ground nesting birds

    Its a really important time of year for our ground nesting birds, please see the message below.


    This message applies to birds on the coast, and also birds in grassland and the undergrowth. Staying on established paths is a good way to help.


    The picture above is an archive one from 2014. Its a lapwing nest on an anthill, and lapwing, like all ground…

    • 6 May 2020
  • International Dawn Chorus Day - Sunday 3rd May.

    This Sunday is #DawnChorusDay, a celebration of beautiful bird song. What have you heard where you are? #IDCD https://bit.ly/RSPBBirdSong

    Normally, we’d be holding early morning events on the reserve to get out and hear the wonder of bird song around the marshes. This would typically include the metallic zinging of reed warblers, the scratchy song flights of both sedge warbler and whitethroat, the slightly sorrowful…

    • 1 May 2020
  • Plenty of starlings

    Another picture from one of our remote trail cameras.

    This time, a flock of starlings, that had been feeding on the grassland in front of the camera, caught taking flight.

    During the current lockdown, starlings have been keeping us amused in the garden at home. Several pairs, obviously nesting nearby, have been coming to mealworm that we've been putting out. They've been really bold, coming down whilst we've been sat…

    • 30 Apr 2020
  • On the trail....

    With the reserve still closed to the public, wildlife is still out on the marsh and busy going about its daily life.

    Trail cameras picked up these two over the weekend...

    Yesterday whilst on site, there were 4 hobby hawking high over Aveley Marsh, looking like huge swifts and clearly catching plenty of food - probably including the early emerging hairy dragonflies which are now on the wing.

    Several fields contained plenty…

    • 28 Apr 2020
  • Archive birding

    Howard prepared this story a few weeks ago, a tale of some birding from 2005...

    Way back in 2005 on the 4th December, Mike Dent and I were out on the reserve conducting the monthly Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS). It was a cold, still and overcast day I seem to recall and we had not seen anything of great note but there were very good numbers of Lapwing with about 2000 across the site.

    The marsh was not yet open to the public…

    • 24 Apr 2020
  • Cattle turn out

    Working with our farmer, cattle were turned out on to Aveley Marsh yesterday.

    Cattle grazing is an important way to manage the marshes, benefitting the habitats and species that are found on the reserve. It's especially important for key breeding birds like lapwing, redshank and skylark. Mid April is the typical time that we undertake turnout most years.

    This year, enabling this on the reserve takes on extra significance…

    • 21 Apr 2020
  • Update from the reserve.

    Although the reserve is still closed to visitors, we want to help bring the site and its wonderful wildlife into your homes.

    I was lucky enough to be on the reserve earlier today, undertaking essential work in line with government guidance. Raptors were very in much in evidence, with a pair of peregrine over Aveley Marsh, marsh harriers were very active, a single of both buzzard and kestrel, and then a red kite over the…

    • 17 Apr 2020