The end of an obsession

A lovely day out at Rainham a couple of weekends ago, and thankfully the end of a really annoying obsession. For once we virtually ignored the waterbirds and spent most of our time in the wooded bits, chasing Chiffchaffs around! They were in full song, but cunningly kept to the top of the taller trees, avoiding the paparazzi. All the same some of the smaller birds were happy to cooperate :-)

The Skylarks were singing their little hearts out, when they weren't dogfighting. (Both very heavily cropped).

Plenty of Reed Buntings around as usual.

Is this my best side?

Aren't I cute!

Two of us are even cuter...

Quite a few Water Voles around.

About the only Chiffchaff that came in range.

And finally, the end of the obsession. Where we live there are a lot of Green Woodpeckers, but in five years or so we've never managed to get a half-decent photo of one, so thank you Rainham :-)

"Let loose the Kraken!"