Clare, Limpy, Aiki and Shane's Forumite meet up at Rainham Marshes.


Hi Folks.

    I know it is not even a week ago since Aiki and I visited Rainham with GrahamC but today we had the chance to meet up with more forumites this time Clare and Limpy travelled down from Suffolk to visit Rainham Marshes and we decided to all meet up. Aiki and I arrived at opening time and went to the woodland area first in the hope of seeing the Lesser Whitethroat seen last week as well as a pair of Cuckoos known to be in the woodland. We hear the Cuckoos and did see the Lesser White Throat again, we milled around the woodland for a while to pass time as we knew Clare and Limpy were hoping to arrive around 11am we then headed to the Purfleet hide as it was the nearest to the visitors centre. There was plenty out on the Marsh which was alive with the sounds of Marsh frogs but also making a welcome appearance were some Whimbrels.

    I then recieved a text saying they had arrived so Aiki and I headed to the cafe in the visitors centre and were greeted by two smiling faces belonging to Clare and Limpy,we all hit it of straight away so knew we were in for a good day. We went out on the reserve and headed back to Purfleet Hide and thanks to Aikis quick spot we were treated to a pair of Cuckoos flying and flirting together as they flew right in front of the hide and over to the woodland area. What a cracking start and certainly my best ever views of Cuckoos. We eventually all agreed to move on the the next hide and see what else was round and Limpy spotted a Water Vole almost straight away things were getting better, we were a bit disappointed though to find the the hide near the Kingfishers nest site closed at around 12.30 when it had been open from 11am to 3pm :-(

We saw plenty doing a nice slow leisurly circuit of the reserve including, Reed Warblers, Sedge Warblers, Reed Buntings, Blackcaps, Cetti's (heard), Whitethroat, Lesser Whitehroat, Kestrel, Hobby, Whimbrel, Cuckoo, Marsh Harrier (2), Herons, Little Egrets, Pochard, Tufted Duck, Coots plus one with chicks, Mallard including a family with 7 chicks, Gadwall, Lapwings, Canada Geese, Greylag Geese a fly over by a Ross's Goose (correct me if im wrong aiki) plus all the usual I'm sure my forumite friends will add many more to this list.

Anyway heres a variety of photos from my wee camera, if cameras had feelings might have got a little depressed with the lenses it was up agains lol. 

Sedge Warbler

I think this was the Lesser Whitethroat.

Comma Butterfly

First Damselfly for this year mybe a Red Damsel I will leave Aiki to confirm or correct me.


Sedge Warbler.

Green Veined White

Tailess Magpie


Looking across the reserve towards the Purfleet Hide.

The Water Vole Limpy spotted.

Distant Cuckoo