My name is Gemma, I work at Academy films in Central London. We are hoping to film on Monday the 15th of April on the Marshes for a short film called 'Glance'.

We have just been send the Tilbury tidal pattern and it says the tide will be high Monday afternoon when we wish to film. We want to film between 2pm till 8:30pm.When looking at the Tidal pattern it says the tide gets to around 5.5 to  6.6 metres twice a day... However we have visited a few times during these hours and the tide has not been up high at all.

Does anyone know what the tide will be like on Monday after 2pm? We want to film below the footpath on the marshes and are worried it will be covered in water?

Thank you for your help!

Best Wishes

Gemma Priggen

Production Assistant 

Academy FIlms