Hello Everyone


My name is Jo and I have just joined RSPB. I have spent an hour navigting the website but not yet found a link to groups to contact members to meet up. 

I am travelling down to Dover on Wed 4 July and plan to stop on route during the day to visit Pullborough.  This will be my first visit to the reserve . If there are members who will be at the reserve on that day, I would welcome the opportunity to meet up and perhaps share a walk around the reserve. 

I have a great affinity with the outdoors but will confess to not being able to name all birds or recognising their twittering or calls.  I have been told, 'you are never too old to learn'. 


  • Jo,I think people arrange their meets using the "friends" contact system.Enjoy Pulborough,it's a nice reserve and the cafe was good last time we visited.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

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    Hi Jo, welcome to the forum. I have moved this thread to the 'Pulborough' page to see if anyone there would like to meet up!


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    Hi Alan, I will raise this with my fellow mods. Claire

  • Hello Jo,

    Welcome to the RSPB and we'll look forward to seeing you at Pulborough Brooks next week.  We always have several volunteers out and about on the nature trail who will happily help you to identify any of the wildlife that you see or hear.

    If you pop into the visitor centre, we'll be able to give you a map, tell you what is about and perhaps get in touch with one of our volunteers and ask them to meet you at one of the hides or viewpoints so they can give you some tips!