• Getting to know your neighbours - the robin

    In preparation for our Big Garden Birdwatch on 25 - 27 January we'll be introducing you to some of the birds that you're likely to find in gardens.  

    Today's bird is the robin

    Photo by Chris Prince

    As I wander down the nature trail I pause to scan for winter visitors – the redwings and fieldfares raiding the hedgerows in search of juicy haws, hips and berries. And then I spot movement on the branch just next…

    • 22 Jan 2020
  • Upcoming hedgerow & scrub management work

    Over the next month or so one of the main jobs that our wardens and work party will be doing is the management of our hedgerows and areas of scrub. This is the ideal time to do hedgerow & scrub work so it can be completed before our breeding birds begin to nest later in March.

    Creating a management cycle

    The team have been working hard to create a management plan for these habitats to ensure that we have a schedule…

    • 21 Jan 2020
  • Getting to know your neighbours - long-tailed tits

    In preparation for our Big Garden Birdwatch on 25 - 27 January we'll be introducing you to some of the birds that you're likely to find in gardens.  

    Today's bird is the Long-tailed tit

    Photo by Anne Harwood

    Watching a excitable gang of long-tailed tits visiting your feeders is such a treat. These lovely birds almost always come in a gang - you'll hear their high pitched calls first of all and then one after…

    • 15 Jan 2020
  • Getting to know your neighbours - the blue tit

    In preparation for our Big Garden Birdwatch on 25 - 27 January we'll be introducing you to some of the birds that you're likely to find in gardens.  

    Today's bird is the Blue tit

    Photo by Chris Prince

    Blue tits are inquisitive birds and are one of the first species to explore a new garden feeders and the most likely to use a nest box. We recommend using our Classic seed feeder or Easy-clean® seed feeders.…

    • 13 Jan 2020
  • Table manners - getting ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch

    As I live close to the seafront, birdwatching from the comfort of my home most often involves admiring the worm-charming talents of herring gulls, but watching the feeders we have set up at Pulborough Brooks offers me a different selection of ‘garden guests’. So, in preparation for January’s Big Garden Birdwatch, I’m going to celebrate the joys of sitting with a cup of tea watching the to-ings and fro-ings around the…

    • 10 Jan 2020
  • Recent Sightings Friday 20th December – Another Great Flood

    Thanks to volunteer Phil for his report and photos

    When I first started volunteering here in Autumn 2014 the great floods of winter 2013-14 were fresh in people’s memories, and I learned that the whole of the brooks had been under water for about 2 months. The stories emphasised the fact that much of the reserve is part of the flood plain of the River Arun, but has some protection from a flood bank running by the river…

    • 28 Dec 2019
  • Recent Sightings Friday 13th December – The Dashing “Pigeon Hawk”

    Recent Sightings Friday 13th December – The Dashing “Pigeon Hawk” - thanks to volunteer Phil for his article and photos

    This day provided one of those special wildlife moments that stay in the memory. It all started in Winpenny Hide, an excellent place to spot birds of prey which often seem to prefer to hunt around the longer grasses near the riverbank, when no less than 3 marsh harriers appeared, drifting…

    • 20 Dec 2019
  • Christmas opening hours

    Hello everyone!

    If you are planning to visit us over the festive period, please note our Christmas opening hours below:

    Christmas Eve - The Visitor Centre will be shut all day. The nature trails and car park remain open but the whole site will be closed at 4 pm. You must be off site by then as the car park will be locked.

    Christmas Day - The Visitor Centre, nature trails and car park will be shut all day

    Boxing Day -…

    • 18 Dec 2019
  • Wonderful wildlife for our Wild Winter Weekend

    We're getting ready for our Wild Winter open weekend which is taking place this weekend - Saturday 30 November & Sunday 1 December.  The weather is certainly suitably wild today - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will become bright and clear by the weekend!

    But never mind the weather...the wildlife here at the moment is fantastic! By the end of our morning team 'huddle' we'd seen large numbers of ducks…

    • 26 Nov 2019
  • Recent Sightings Friday 1st November – A Sandpiper Identification Challenge

    Recent Sightings Friday 1st November – A Sandpiper Identification Challenge - thanks to volunteer Phil for his report and sightings

    On this day West Mead provided a wonderful opportunity to study one of the more unusual wading birds that turns up occasionally at Pulborough Brooks.   A wood sandpiper was feeding around the pool margins and stayed all morning giving close views.

    This is a species I’ve only seen a…

    • 6 Nov 2019
  • A woodland wander - fantastic fungi!

    I hope that some of you have been to the nature reserve over the last month and enjoyed the fungi trail that we have set up around the wooded heath.

    Since marmite on toast is my breakfast of choice, I've always been a fan of fungi - yeast is a magical thing!  And as I've learnt more about it, I've found it even more fascinating...such wonderful shapes & colours and amazing names.

    But as well as providing…

    • 28 Oct 2019
  • Recent sightings for later October - The View from Nettley's hide

    Thanks to volunteer Phil for his report and photos.

    This is the view from Nettey’s Hide taken a few days ago on one of those sunshine and showery days. 

    However there is much more to be seen here than rainbows..

    One of the comments we sometimes receive from visitors is that on the brooks you are often viewing wildlife at a considerable distance. Unfortunately building hides and access paths in the middle of a floodplain…

    • 28 Oct 2019
  • October wildlife sightings

    Whilst my previous blog post focused on the habitat management work at the reserve I thought that an update on the wildlife sightings was long overdue, so here's an overview of what's been seen over the past week or so.

    As the water levels have been rising, the number of ducks has been increasing with good numbers of wigeon and teal now on site and a few shoveler and pintail in amongst them.

    Teal are currently…

    • 18 Oct 2019
  • It's a wetland again!

    After an incredibly dry summer left many of our pools dried out, I can now report that we are well and truly a wetland again with recent rain having filled up all of the pools and ditches on the brooks.

    We're still trying to finish off some of the habitat management work having to balance the desire to get the work done with the risk that we might get the tractor stuck! We'd still like to continue rotavating the edges…

    • 18 Oct 2019
  • Pulborough Brooks service station open!

    The last week or so has seen a steady stream of migrating birds stopping off at the nature reserve to rest and refuel - treating us like a service station on their long southwards journey.

    I was out and about yesterday morning leading a 'Birding for Beginners' session, introducing migration and some of the birds that we see here at this time of year. At the new (and as of yet un-named) viewpoint above Jupp's View we were…

    • 1 Sep 2019
  • Autumn colour

    All of us will have a particular moment or sign which signals the transition from summer to autumn.  For some it will be the swallows leaving our shores heading south, for others the first fairy-tale fly agaric toadstool popping up. Some may watch for the ripening of fruit and thinking of sloe gin or blackberry jelly. But for many it will be the changing colour, the transition from green to golden that announces the arrival…

    • 1 Sep 2019
  • Water vole toilets and the beginning of redstart season

    Recent sightings Friday 16 August   Water vole toilets and the beginning of redstart season - thanks to volunteer Phil for his report and photos.

    Visitors to the Wetland Discovery Zone through the small gate off Adder Alley may have noticed some small wooden platforms on the water surface in the ditches. These have been installed in the hope that they will be used by water voles which I now learn tend to leave their droppings…

    • 20 Aug 2019
  • Recent Sightings 5th August – an update on Painted Ladies

    Recent Sightings 5th August – an update on Painted Ladies - from volunteer Phil.

    Anyone reading my article from last month will be interested to know that in the last few days a fresh brood of painted lady butterflies seems to have emerged on the reserve.   This specimen was seen on 5th August on the path between West Mead and Redstart Corner.  

    This is a perfect area for painted ladies to lay eggs because there are…

    • 7 Aug 2019
  • Saturday 3 August - car park closed from 5pm

    On Saturday 3 August, we will be closing the car park at 5 pm.  There will be no access to the car park after 5 pm on Saturday and all cars must be off site by 6 pm.

    The car park will re-open on Sunday morning at 8.30 am.

    This closure is taking place as we have a special Big Wild Sleepout event that is being held at the reserve.

    Thank you for your cooperation

    • 26 Jul 2019
  • ‘Inspired by nature’ workshop day – nature photography and nature writing

    We're now taking bookings for our ‘Inspired by nature’ workshop day; a combination of activities designed to get you closer to nature and behind the scenes at the reserve but also to explore your creative side with a choice of workshops. 

    In the morning, you’ll have the opportunity to get closer to nature, with the chance to use special equipment and get ‘behind the scenes’ as our expert team takes you on…

    • 25 Jul 2019
  • The Pulborough Diaries - Monday 22 July

    Today's Pulborough Diary comes from Paula, our Visitor Experience Officer.

    During a busy morning in the office I managed grab 10 minutes to myself and went for quick walk.

    I didn’t have time to get to the wetland trail to spot the water voles or to check the Little ringed plover so I thought I would enjoy a peaceful moment with the wild flowers growing in abundance on the Zig Zag path.

    As I wondered past the…

    • 23 Jul 2019
  • Recent Sightings Late June and July - The Amazing Painted Lady

    Recent Sightings Late June and July - The Amazing Painted Lady - a report and photos from volunteer Phil.

    While walking between Canterbury and Dover on the North Downs Way on 21st June I started to become aware of several very faded painted lady butterflies in some large wildflower meadows crossed by the path. The following day while exploring some of the fortifications at Dover several more faded painted ladies could…

    • 23 Jul 2019
  • Some great butterfly news

    I’m pleased to announce that we now have a colony of White-letter hairstreaks on the reserve. Our first confirmed record on the reserve was from last year (photographed by regular visitor Matt), but this year we’ve seen several of them around the Elm trees at the top of the zig zag. We saw several on 30 June 2019 around the Elms near the minibeast mansion, including two males who were spiralling upwards in a territorial…

    • 1 Jul 2019
  • Incredible insects!

    A brief lunchtime wander on the heathland proved to be delightful with many insects enjoying the warm weather and the bare sandy patches that have been created around the heath.  After being bombarded with bits of pine cone by a squirrel who was munching happily at the top of one of the pines, I wandered down the heathland zig zags where every bare patch of sand was covered in small volcano-like mounds of sand. Our wasps…

    • 28 Jun 2019
  • Operation Redshank

    Thanks to volunteer Phil for his report and photos.

    Recent Sightings – Tuesday 4th and Friday 7th June – Operation Redshank

    In recent years careful management of the reserve has resulted in a greater number of redshanks breeding on the site.  However it is usually difficult to observe their behaviour and judge their success as they tuck their nests away in secretive locations such as dense grass or rush.


    • 11 Jun 2019