Strange Noises!

     Hi Folks,

Over to Pulborough last Saturday afternoon (15th) for a fungal foray and wander. The heathland behind the car park is full of Common Earthballs, but it was hard to find many other species - perhaps the lack of rain has reduced numbers? Three that I could not i.d are appended. Can anyone identify these? All were in the heathland area. A very late Small Copper butterfly was also photographed. On to the Hanger View to look over the Brooks for wildfowl and waders, being watched by the Peregrine in her usual perch. Clocked my first Ruff and a juvenile Marsh Harrier drifted over, but there was a lot of racket coming from the trees to the left. Walking over to the picnic area, the source of the noise revealed itself as three Jays screeching and chasing each other. Disagrements over acorns?  Finally, while heading back to the car in the twilight, eerie grunting noises filled the air. This was the Roe Deer stags rutting in the fields below the Visitor centre. There are at least 5 stags with impressive antlers - well worth seeing and hearing.


Sussex Simon

  • Hi Simon,

    The fungi has gone a bit quiet hasn't it, although I found a few nice things in the woodland to the west of Black Pond on Friday.

    I'll give the ID a go...The first one is a Russula (or Brittlegill) with very white gills and stem and a thin colourful cap - I would go with it being Russula vesca (a.k.a 'The Flirt') which is quite variable in colour but the cap tends to retreat from the margin - apparently she is showing her petticoats!

    The other 2 are, I suspect, sulphur tufts at different stages of maturity - they spores are purplish-black and as they mature they turn the gills and eventually the whole mushroom darker.  Makes ID'ing them very tricky - key thing is they are growing in a clump on dead wood.

    It is great to have 'our' peregrine back, but I'm rather jealous that you caught sight of the Marsh Harrier - I keep missing it!

    Best wishes, Anna